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Useful Job Searching Tools

Job searching has changed from 10 years ago. Positions are mostly posted on

career search engines

such as Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com. Below we've listed a few job searching sites that we highly recommend adding to your rotation.

Firstly, just our thoughts:

We're big fans of Indeed.com because the advanced search features seem to narrow in more closely to what you're looking for and they pull jobs from multiple places (other job boards and company websites) and not just expect the employer to post strictly on their site (and pay for it!) That way you feel like you're getting a larger selection of the job pool.

SimplyHired.com is also a great site to check out if you are new to job searching or new to utilizing the internet and not the



If you're an IT professional in Minnesota, we also recommend checking out: MinnesotaTechJobs.

Recommended sites to check out:



Local Newspapers in your region - many feel they need to purchase a newspaper but it is extremely helpful to check out their employment sections online.

Don't shy away from using


who offer temporary/contract work and also direct to hire. For some larger corporations, this may be an easy way to get in the door or a nice way to 'trial run' a company (and they you!)

If you have additional suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you have found helpful in your job search. Email us at - tools@simplygreatresumes.com.