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5 Critical Resume Questions Answered

Do you ever feel like you research something and never get a straight answer? I feel like this happens to me all the time. It’s amazing how much information is out on the web and how conflicting it all is. This short blog will run through some obvious and not-so-obvious answers to some of the more common and confusing questions people have when writing and submitting their resume.


  1. How many pages should my resume be?
  2. Where do I put my references?
  3. Where should I put salary information?
  4. Where do I put previous salary history?
  5. What format should I email my resume to hiring managers?

How many pages should my resume be?

Quite simply, 1 or 2 pages should suffice for most people and job scenarios. Don’t try stretching it out to 2 if it’s not appropriate. Also, if you find yourself including meaningless jobs from your past that don’t apply at all to the career direction you’re going in, you could always have a ‘Previous Work Employment’ section that lists your position (title), company, and dates of employment.

Where do I put my references?

Never list them within your resume. If you are asked for references up front, have them on a separate page (following the same design layout as your resume). If the job description does not ask for them up front, do not provide them until asked by the hiring manager.

Where should I put salary information?

If you are asked in the job posting to provide salary information, I always put it at the bottom of the cover letter underneath your signature. Something to the effect of:

Salary range: $x – $x

If you are not asked about salary information upfront, do not provide it in your application. Typically this is a conversation you will have in the interview or afterwards on the phone with HR or the hiring manager.

Where do I put previous salary history?

If you are asked to provide previous salary history, you can list this under your title and company information on your resume.  So it may look something like:

Company Name
Starting salary = $X
Current/Finishing Salary = $X

If you are not asked to provide previous salary history, do not include this information at all.

What format should I email my resume to hiring managers?

Most people find it easiest to email in Microsoft Word however to keep your formatting/layout intact you may find converting your resume to a PDF works best so it does not render incorrectly on the viewer’s screen.

This quick blog was intended for a quick summary of the larger questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email me us at: info@simplygreatresumes.com and we will answer them in future blogs.

Kerry Gustafson, a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) founded Simply Great Resumes in July of 2012 and has over 9 years’ experience writing professional resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, and LinkedIn profiles. With a working background in Marketing, IT, and Project Management from Fortune 100 to small business, Kerry brings a strong working knowledge and unique perspective to the industry. Skilled at narrowing in on client’s roles and responsibilities, Kerry has a natural ability to change the dreaded resume creation into a fun and awareness-building experience.
  1. Luis Reply
    Your cover letter shluod generally outline your interest in the position, how you found out about the position, your experience or highlight certain qualifications in your resume that will spark the recruiter's interest. You also want to make sure you mention the company, if you know more information about the company it benefits you to mention where your work ethic will tie in with the company specifically and thank the company for their consideration.It shluod only be two or three brief paragraphs and properly headlined with the company's address like any letter your name will go at the bottom etc if you need a more direct example of what a cover letter shluod look like. go to careerbuilder.com .anytime you apply for a job it has an option to include a cover letter and since you do not have one, it will show you an example of what a cover letter shluod look like and the format. If you don't want to do all that you can just email me and I will send you a word document of what it looks like. Hope this helps, take care

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