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Simply Great Resumes Celebrates First Anniversary


Kerry Gustafson of Simply Great Resumes is excited to continue helping the job seeking community as it progresses into its second year as a website company. 

MINNEAPOLIS, MN.—Jul. 23, 2013—Simply Great Resumes, a Minneapolis-based professional resume writing company is marking the one-year anniversary of its launch. Since launching in June of 2012, the company’s website has established itself as a steadily growing resume writing service, building large followers on many of the company’s social media sites.

Kerry Gustafson, owner of Simply Great Resumes, has been helping job seekers since 2004, mostly through word of mouth. Deciding to grow exponentially, Gustafson has spread out through the entire U.S., aiding job seekers from East Coast to West and of course her roots of the Midwest.

 “It’s been an amazing year” says Gustafson, “many small businesses struggle during the first year and we can excitedly report that our website has met and exceeded our goals. We are looking forward to what the second year brings!”

Seeing a steady increase from initial launch, Simply Great Resumes is excited to continue helping the job seeking community and are already brewing up some new and exciting products to launch in their second year.

About Simply Great Resumes:

Simply Great Resumes is a professional resume writing service that has been aiding job seekers and students since 2004. As professional resume writers, Simply Great Resumes prepares tailored resumes for students, professionals, and executives, as well as cover letters, thank you letters, and LinkedIn® profiles. With a passion for writing and editing, and helping others, Simply Great Resumes’ mission is to make their clients job search simple and successful, being the top professional resume writing service in the U.S.

Kerry Gustafson, a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) founded Simply Great Resumes in July of 2012 and has over 9 years’ experience writing professional resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, and LinkedIn profiles. With a working background in Marketing, IT, and Project Management from Fortune 100 to small business, Kerry brings a strong working knowledge and unique perspective to the industry. Skilled at narrowing in on client’s roles and responsibilities, Kerry has a natural ability to change the dreaded resume creation into a fun and awareness-building experience.